Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colin Powell - Liberal Democrat

A recent Meet The Press episode featured COLIN POWELL as the guest. He usually choses to be a quiet political critic on the sidelines, but his recent seminars on leadership and several public comments on the political matters, he seems to be trying to resurrect what was once a promising political career. As I listened it dawned on me that Mr. Powell is a careful, cautious, and opinionated liberal spokesman, and a good one.  He once registered as a Republican but seemed to be a fish in the wrong tank. Sure enough,in 2008 he supported  Mr. Obama, the Democratic candidate. I first thought the switch may have been for the wrong reasons, but it proved to be not so. It was in perfect harmony with his newly found liberal persuasion.  

As a Conservative, I usually disagree with Mr. Powell, but he does articulate liberal positions well and I do respect his proven abilities.  I am certainly tired of hearing the current crop of Democratic Party leaders spouting nonsense.

Partisan politics is a messy business. I'll bribe you if you'll bribe me. I'll trade you this for that. If you will compromise on this point, I will compromise on that one. As these negociations have always been, more or less, the definition of politcs, why does it seem that the methodology been so corrupted recently? 
My conservative Republican beliefs were greatly influenced  by Barry Goldwater. 

When Ronald Reagan made "the speech" in favor of Goldwater's candidacy I instantly became a Goldwater - Reagan Conservative Republican. That was the turning point. I went on to study Fred Hayek, Mises,  Wm. Buckley, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman and others.

Back to Mr. Powell.  This fellow Obama is about finished. I doubt he will run for a second term. If not, I think (now) that Powell would be a formidable Democrat candidate in 2012.

Most of the time he's not right - BUT FORMIDABLE !


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Greybeard said...

He was a Lt. Col. in the Americal Division, at the same time I was a Captain there.
I've watched his career with interest, and have, up until he endorsed Bozama, impressed with his intellect and integrity. Now I'm NOT so impressed.

Still, he's "better than what we got" isn't he?
And he sure as hell ain't a John Kerry.
We could do worse.