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Islamic Prelude Ignored

There has been Islamic Terror in the world for centuries.

In recent years Muslim terrorists have ramped up their push toward worldwide Islamic domination. They attack our weaknesses with their brutal and medieval way of war. The result is not one nation against another,  but one TERRORIST [with no regard for human life] against every INFIDEL. Tracking their most recent acts of terrorism clearly justifies  our war in Afghanistan and our pre-emptive strike against Iraq. We must not forget the events that have led to WORLD WAR IV. 

Date            Event                        Killed        President     Response

 --- 1979        American Embassy          0            Carter         None 

Apr 1983         American Embassy         63           Reagan        None

Oct 1983          American Barracks       241           Reagan        None
                       Beirut Airport

Dec 1983         American Embassy           ?           Reagan        None    

Sep 1984         American Embassy           ?           Reagan         None

Dec 1984        Kuwaiti Airliner                2          Reagan         None

Jun 1984         American Airliner              1          Reagan         None
                     TWA 847 Hijacked   

Oct 1985         Achille Lauro                    1         Reagan         None      
                     Itallian Liner

Dec  1985        Rome & Vienna        20          Reagan        None
                      Airport Bombings

Apr 1986         Disco Bomb                      1          Reagan        Strong
                     West Berlin Bomb

Dec 1988         American Pan Am 103    270          Reagan         Weak
                      Lockerbie, Scotland

---- 1991         Iraq Invasion of Kuwait   300          Bush Sr.      Strong

Feb 1993         World Trade Center          6          Clinton        Weak
                      New York Bombing

Apr 1993          Former Pres. Bush             0         Clinton       Weak
                       Assasination Attempt

Mar 1995          Am. Consulate Bombing      2        Clinton        None
                       Karachi, Pakistan

Jun 1996          Khobar Towers                 19        Clinton        None
                       Saudi Arabia Bombing

Jun 1998          Am. Embassy Beirut             ?        Clinton        None
                       Grenade Attack

Aug 1998          Am. Embassies Bombing    220        Clinton        Weak
                       Kenya & Tanzania

Oct 2000          USS Cole Destroyer            17         Clinton        None
                       Yemen Bombing

Sep 2001          World Trade Center        3000         Bush Jr.      Strong
                        New York Airplanes

List has minor errors.
Must fix
More later. . .


Charles said…
Unfortunately, it was the US that largely carried out the Pan Am 103 bombing just giving the Iranians a small walk on part.
Ingineer66 said…
I am unclear on your definition of a weak response. Reagan bombed Ghadafi's house and killed one of his kids which did have a decent impact on getting him off the world stage as a promoter of terrorism. And W. invaded Afghanistan with the CIA and 300 Special Forces operators and overthrew the Taliban within a couple of months of 9/11. Something that British or the Soviets had been unable to do in years of trying.
Bumps Stump said…
charles . . I'm not sure I understand your comment. One string of events starts with the bombing of a Berlin nightclub and Reagan's retaliation bombing of Tripoli and Bengazi in 1986. Then our guys mistakenly (?) shot down an Iranian jet killing the 290 passengers.Somehow these events might be linked to the Pan Am 103 Loclerbie bombing that killed 259 passengers. I don't think anyone ever proved who did it.

Maybe Libya? Maybe Iran? Maybe Kilroy?

And Ingineer66 . . as usual you are right. I will edit the comment accordingly. Thank you.
Greybeard said…
They had something to do with destroying PanAm 103? WHODATHUNKIT?!!
I TRULY learn something every day while readin' these here bloggin' things!

How slow-learners can look at this list and still argue we are not at war with these misogynistic bastards is beyond me.

Still, some argue just that.
I think more remedial training is needed Dixon, and I think you're just the guy to do it!
Ingineer66 said…
I know a solution. Instead of giving Arab men between the ages of 16 and 35 the rubber glove treatment before we let them on a plane or into the country lets harass old women about their knitting needles or young mothers about bottles with breast milk in them. I am certain that will keep America safe from radical Muslims. ;-)

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