Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama's Unbelievable Conceit

Today President Obama passed the point of no return. He is determined to push unpopular left wing programs that have been rejected by voters of both parties. His protests are a pathetic broken record that few people listen to anymore. Mr. Obama enjoys the Democratic majority in Congress and could have passed any legislation he wanted to, including the Health Care bill. Instead, by SECRETLY crafting the huge health legislation  and presenting it as a done deal, he killed it himself. Of course, he blames the [say-no] Republicans for not approving it before reading it. Then he acts surprised that he doesn't get any bi-partisan support. Just how stupid is he anyway? 

President Obama wants to get at least token Republican support for his controversial left wing progressive politics. He wants to share the blame if his plans fail, and they WILL fail. He uses the bully-pulpit to make continuous partisan attacks on Republicans, and then wonders why they are so firmly NOT in his pocket. He is both amazing and clueless. How many ways can the electorate tell him that his programs are not what they want - BECAUSE THEY DON'T APPROVE OF THEM.  Not because they are Republican or Democrat.  But Obama continues trying to sell America down the drain. He can not advance any of his programs or plans or appointments because:

(1) The electorate are disgusted by his overly expensive programs.
      They are concerned about the rising debt load, the impact of
       China being our nations main banker, and the stubbornly high
       unemployment figures.

(2) They have clearly rejected his plans to trade our traditional
      freedoms for big government control. Americans want free
      trade markets. They want government to not nationalize industry.
      They want to be able to own guns.  

(3) They have been sickened by his appointment of terribly
     incompetant people, tax criminals, radical revolutionarys,
     and desperately unsuitable people to government 
     jobs. A list isn't necessary. Every American knows who they are.   

Republicans should refuse to cooperate with the Obama Administration in any way. These people are hell bent on destroying America and there is no reason to help them.  This administration allows no room for [Republican] discussion, and if facts stand in the way - the facts are considered wrong. President Obama wants Republicans to say yes to his programs [regardless of merit], and he wants Republicans to approve  his appointments [regardless of merit or their unsuitable background]. Apparently this is Mr. Obama's idea of bi-partisan support.  It isn't and never will be. .

Any Republican who helps him drive us all off the cliff should be whipped.

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Greybeard said...

Whipped? I wish.

In 1966 I agreed to become a "sword and shield" by swearing to support and defend the constitution of the United States.
Now I stand and watch as admitted communists, socialists, and progressives try to dismantle the document I swore to defend with my very life.

How long before we anti-socialists realize we are being marginalized? How long before we realize it isn't possible to have a dialogue with these usurpers?
How long before this gets really, REALLY nasty?