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Patience Is Over and George is Gone

George Bush made way too many mistakes during his administration. The first four years were considerably better than the last four however, when he somehow coasted away from his conservative Republican tendencies. On a scale of A to F, he and his administation deserves certainly no better than a C- or D+ . . . . BUT COMPARED TO MR. OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION  Bush looks pretty good.

George Bush didn't need a teleprompter to get through a press conference.

George Bush didn't burn 9000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single EARTH DAY tree.

George Bush didn't reduce retirement holdings in GM by 90% and then give UNIONS a majority holding of GM stock.

George Bush didn't appoint cabinet officers and a staff of advisors who somehow consistantly failed to pay their income taxes.

The Bush and Obama administrations have agreed to using nearly 13 TRILLION DOLLARS for loands and bailouts.

George Bush didn't order the firing of the CEO of a major corporation KNOWING THAT HE HAD NO AUTHORITY TO DO SO.

The economic bailouts in the last couple of months total more than the Korean War cost, more thant the New Deal, More than the entire Iraq mess, more than the 1980's Savings & Loan mess.......COMBINED!

Why does the Federal Reserve Board refuse to account for 2 TRILLION DOLLARS when asked by Congress to do so? 

George Bush didn't create 32 czars who report to him directly and by-pass the HOUSE AND SENATE altogether.

It usually bothers me when people make mean spirited and personal comments about politicians. Any politicians. But when a politician does things that are wrong, or says things that are not true, or does something illegal, he or she should expect to hear about it.  But personal attacks really don't help.

I am about to bend my own rule. We have a current President and political administration that has defied all rules, lied to everyone, and broken the law. They refuse to recognise the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, all of which form the foundation of our government. The current administration chooses to ignore these documents. They also ignore American traditions and distort the tenets of our history. Harsh criticism is deserved.

When Mr. Obama campaigned he ran against ex-presidents Bush and Clinton, understanding how unhappy the voters were with both. His opponent, John McCain, never quite found a message. He was unable to distance himself from the Bush administration - and the voters thought he would bring more of the same to the office. To breath life into his campaign he added Sarah Palin to the ticket. She brought plain speaking, good looks, and a lively personality to his side. It helped, but no cigar. I don't believe anyone was convinced that she should be one heart beat away from the Presidentcy. 

In 2008 Republicans voted the Republican ticket, Independents didn't, and Mr. Obama squeaked by on the Democrat ticket. There was no landslide, but he won the office. The people I know [Republican, Independent, or Democrat] were happy to see a black person elected. They were not so thrilled by his liberal background, but regardless, they held their breath and waited to see how he would proceed.  

The nightmare began on his first day, and within a few months America's patience was exhausted. The grumbling began and now, a year later,  America is beginning to talk about impeachment. Mr. Obama believes that he is a victim of stupid citizens. Like P.T Barnum, the guy who said; "don't worry, there's a sucker born every minute,"  he honestly believes only he knows the way forward - no matter who or how many disagree. To President Obama, the majority of the American public are stupid suckers. Those who voted for Mr. Obama, to their everlasting shame,  allowed him and his lunatic administration grease their way into office. America will recover - but we will feel the pain for generations.

Check this link for CNN McCafferty opinion on Trasparency and other Obama lies.


Greybeard said…
My friend, you seem to have found your conservative voice, and I for one am glad to hear its clarity.
But in doing so you seem to have lost some of your following...
The self described "moderate" lefties that populate your blogroll.
You've noticed it. I've noticed it. When you have absolutely NAILED one of them to the wall with a question or fact that makes them uncomfortable, they either change the subject or disappear.

In your case, they seem to have vanished into thin air. And that's a shame...
I sort of enjoyed the thought of some of them squirming with the mental picture of our possible future, with an Islamic extremist using a cane against their backsides.

Bill Whittle has a new video out at PJTV that you and other rational thinkers will enjoy.
The truth shall set you free.

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