Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fixing Medical Care

The American system of providing health care has come off the track. What should be done to fix it?  A related questiion: Should an American taxpayer be required to pay for someone elses medical care? 

Liberals: Yes.
Conservatives: No. 

Before anything can be done a resolution of this difference must take place. 

Senario 1. A fellow has been an alcholic, smoker, and diabetic for 20 years. He has knowingly not practiced a healthy lifestyle. Now he has heart disease and needs a $40,000 heart operation or he will die within a week. He has no assets, relatives, or borrowing power.

Mr. Liberal: Why should American taxpayers pay the bill?
Mr. Conservative: Are you sure you want him to die?

Scenario 2. Our government has promised Medicare and Medicaid to eligible citizens regardless of their assets. The same level of insurance may be purchased by rich people. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid were not viable when they were passed into law.  None of the three can meet it's promises.

Mr. Liberal: Should government programs be paid for,
                 and if so, by who?
Mr. Conservative:Why legislate more promises before 
                          funding the original three? 
Scenario 3.  Social Security,  Medicare, and Medicaid are government insurance plans. Most Americans also have private insurance available to them.  Private insurance programs deny insurance to a few citizens that have pre-existing conditions.  Our liberal government wants to REPLACE private insurance with GOVERNMENT insurance FOR ALL.  

     FACT A.  American health care is quite good and available
                  to all but a small percentage of American citizens.
     FACT B.  The cost of private insurance could be lowered
                   by government improving the environment for
     FACT C.  A government insurance option would be an
                  equally humane way to provide insurance to the     
                  relatively few people that can not qualify for
                  private insurance,
Mr. Liberal:  Do you object to this limited gov't. insurance
                   program, and if so, why?
Mr. Conservative: Same question.


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