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Can We Hire Geo. W. Bush

George W. Bush had a tough time in office. He started well and ended badly - and will may be known in history as a less than outstanding  President.  There are a number of BUSH-BASHERS, including almost everyone in Mr. Obama's administration. They are far left liberals who blame George W. Bush for all of Mr. Obama's mistakes, and who will not give George credit for the many things he and his administration did right. Just for fun let's reverse the criticism:

1. If George couldn't get thru a press conference
    without a teleprompter
    Would you laugh and said he was inept?

2. If George had appointed people who did not pay
     their income tax.
     Would you welcome these deadbeats in government?
3. If George had spent over $200,000.00 to take Laura
    to a play.
    Would you happily pay the bill?

4. If George was so dumb he became an Air Force Officer
     and learned to fly a modern jet fighter aircraft.
     Do you think Obama could do that?

5. If George had stated there were 57 states in
    the United States.
    Would you have said he is clueless?

6. If George had reduced your GM retirement plan by 90%.
    Would you be happy about it?

7. If George had given unions a majority holding of the G.M. 
    Would you welcome the first step of ownership by the government?
8. If George had used 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant
    a tree on EARTH day.  
    Would you think he was a hypocrite?

9. If George had doubled the national debt that took
    two centuries to accumulate.
    Would you say he was out of his mind?

10. If George flew to Denmark for a 5 min. speech
      about himself.
      Would you say that he might have an ego problem?

11. If George created jobs for 32 Czars who report
      directly to him and bypass the Senate and the House.
      Would you have approved?

Enough already.

Mr. Obama has done all  of the above in one year
and still you think he's brilliant, charismatic and impressive. 
Sure he is. 

For me, I'll gladly take George W. Bush. . . .


Greybeard said…
Okay, let's be fair, lest we end up sounding like one of your (former, apparently) commenters-

Obama is occupying the office of President. We can argue whether or not he is eligible to hold that office. We can complain that he is spending us into bankruptcy. All that is fair.

To complain about the spending that is ancillary to his travel in accomplishing his duties, be they official or mostly PR work, IS NOT FAIR in my book. I'm sure we could find instances where expenses were extravagant or seemingly wasted during GWB's Presidency if we looked hard enough.

Two other points:

1. I think history will look much more favorably on GWB as time passes than you seem to believe. Like Harry Truman, I think historians will look at the world situation and tough decisions he had to make during his 8 years, and will judge those decisions to be, for the most part, sound.

2. GWB was an Air Force pilot and flew one of the most dangerous aircraft in their inventory. You're right in asserting that no stupid person could have done that successfully. But he DID NOT land that Navy jet on the aircraft carrier...
As an Air Force Jock he had NO experience with Carrier landings... a feat I think most aviators would agree ranks up there as one of the most difficult tasks in aviation.

Be clear and accurate. Don't be like THEM!
Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard - Damn. Stepped in it again. Very sorry should have checked first. Dumb. Dumb. Will correct immediately. Thank you.
Bumps Stump said…
And Greybeard . . .

(1) I didn't say anything about being eligible for the office.

(2) You accept the Air Force One perk flying Mr. and Mrs. Obama from Washington to New York to see a play. I have no idea if George also did. Doesn't matter. It was a very public $900,000 spent on a trivia when the nation is broke and the workers don't have work, and the baby's going to need some new shoes soon.

(3) GWB may indeed by considered by history to be one of the best. Hard to say. I still suspect history will have him a notch or two below best.

(4) My friend Rain has dropped me flat. She just can't stand rightys. I am disappointed. She's an intelligent person - dare I say - in everything but politics. I still enjoy her non-politcal essays and her photographs.

Greybeard said…
I think we agree far more than we disagree, my friend.
And note that I did not use "best" in the same sentence with GWB...
He was far more progressive than I expected, and oddly, the lefties use the fact that he used our government like a "progressive" when they criticize his Presidency! (His "I had to go outside free market principles to save the free market" comment was the last straw for me, and will probably be pointed to for years as one of his biggest failings.)

I'm glad you can still call Rain friend. I cannot.
Her attitude is what swayed public opinion against the Viet Nam war and re-invigorated our enemy. I published a post showing how she and like-minded people are probably responsible for half the 58,000 dead listed on "The Wall". How can I forgive that? How can anyone forgive that?

How do you define intelligence? If she, and others like her didn't have someone else protecting their asses, they'd be eaten alive by "evil-doers" pretty quickly. She and her followers are aiding and abetting our enemies. If I could, I would "Divorce" myself from them completely.

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