Monday, March 8, 2010

Gallery of Corrupt Politicians

American politics has seen scoundrels over the years and each new crop is the worst ever. Okay. Chances are it's not the worst but it's surely bad. Many were elected and some, as expected, were not. The Obama Administration has appointed many ULTRA-LIBERAL DEMOCRATS without the oversight of Congress. All of the appointments are not dishonest, disloyal or anti-American, but most are. He has appointed VERY RADICAL people that definitely do not deserve to be in our government.

Several of these recent appointments have exhibited questionable patriotism, ultra radical opinions, or have a proven history of actual corruption. They should all be dismissed. The lists that follow include many such people. There are way too many incompetant or corrupt people in government jobs. Perhaps the worst, in no particular order, are:

Frank, , Barney D-MA
Dodd,  Christopher D-CT
Ensign, John D-NV

Holder, Eric  Atty. Gen.
Jackson, Jr., Jesse D-IL
Obama, Barack Pres.
Pelosi, Nancy D-CA

If any or all were to resign tomorrow . . . America would benefit.

Geitner, Tim - Treasury Serc.
Sonal Shaw - Involved in Pakistani massacre of 2000 Indian Christians.
Harold Kohl - Promotes Sharia Law to have precedence over U.S. Laws. Favors flexible interpretation of the Constitution.
Dalia Mogahed - Apologist for radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood. Praises Sharia Law as superior to U.S.Law.
Jeremia Wright - Rabidly anti-American. Racist. Hate mongering. Bigoted advisor.
Dr. John Holdren - Certified wacko. Says oceans to rise 13 t0 30 ft. Says thermonuclear war will occur very soon. Has history of chicken little catastophe promotions. 
Kevin Jennings - A gay and lesbian rights promoter. Advises all schools to teach explicit  homosexuality. Appointed Asst. Deputy Secretary of the U. S. Dept. of Education. 

These lists might be a good start !

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