Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liberal Snoots

Nothin fancy about me. Farm kid. Not rich but always fed. College grad. Sergeant in Air Force. Traveled in Europe and North Africa. Electrical Engineer. Alergic to drafting tables. Settled on salesman career. Became C.E.O. small L.A. corp. Retired. Bought engraving business. Retired again. Healthy. Very worried about my families future. 

Liberal intelectuals look down their collective snouts at us heathen conservatives. I had a double dose yesterday at my friendly book club. There are only 10 of us, and 8 are firmly liberal Democrats. We get along just fine. Very good friends and all that. We respect and listen to each other. Simple as that.

There have been a few times when my ears turned red. One of thoses times was yesterday. Certain public people that twist my socks. People like Jane Fonda, Noam Chomsky, George Soros, and Norman Mailer for example. These and a few others are blithering idiots who spit on America (and Americans) at every opportunity. Is it a coincidence that  each one is an ultra liberal Democrat? I think not.  

These people push for big government, more regulation, more control of production, of consumption, and so on . . . In doing so they are repeating failed political methodologies . . . . yet when America goes over the cliff,  these same people will wonder why? Amazing isn't it.

Our government, now a  republic, is  headed toward socialism. Why? Because Ultra liberal Democrats have convinced the less liberal Democrats to follow them down the socialist road. They have tipped the balance between socialism and freedom.  With President Obama in charge, the race to socialism is moving ever more rapidly. It is  a race to failure.

Sad to say, this administration has found some support from RINO (Republican In Name Only) legislators. Yeah, there are a few. The key word with them is "CORRUPTION". Not just routine thievery, but corruption of ideals, values, precidents, ethics,  and morals. Most State Governments and the entire Federal Government is populated with unscrupulous and selfish people who think only of re-election and stealing rather than the  good of the nation.
There will always be outside influences to assist our legislators and other leaders in making decisions.  In recent years 90% of this kind of influence has been supplied by a cadre of special interest lobbiests. They overwhelm the system money, promises, vacations, air travel, call girls, diamonds . . . what ever it takes to BRIBE. Anything at all, legal or otherwise.  

Lobbiests have become the leaders of corruption in American government. Their influence reaches the inner circle of our political leadership. It threatens our entire way of life. And we do nothing?

The situation is now very quickly getting worse. The Obama Administration is imposing  ultra-liberal, big government solutions to every facet of our nation. They are taking our liberties and gaining control over every aspect of our lives.  The are telling us a terrible . . . LIE. 

More later . .


Greybeard said...

I disagree with nothing you say. My only hope is that a large portion of the population seems to have begun to notice...
The T.E.A. Party movement is an example.
Have you been to a rally?
Why not?
It will give you a more positive outlook.

aflam toreksh said...

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