Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oil Mess Off Shore

Does the media pay attention? There is a catastrophe happening right now in the Gulf. An accident caused a off-shore drilling platform to be destroyed leaving an unplugged hole in the ground more than 5,000 feet below sea level.  A HUGE amount of oil (no one knows how much) is pouring out of the hole and into the sea. Within a month or so it may be the largest oil leak accident in history.


This boggles my mind. There are hundreds if not thousands of off-shore drilling rigs and apparently very few, perhaps none, have been designed to have a disaster contingency plan. When I heard that I went through the roof.  I am not familiar with the oil industry. I have been familiar with being responsible for a small  manufacturing concern that was  subject to endless laws about protection and safety. They were enforced.

Last month a couple dozen men expired in a coal mine that had been cited with numerous violations of safety laws over several years. Many violations were outstanding at the time of the accident. They had not been enforced. Why not?

This month it looks like we are about to witness the terrible consequences of more safety measures on drilling rigs that are not enforced. The gulf coast oil spill will soon cover an area the size of Rhode Island - and there is NO KNOWN WAY TO PREVENT IT FROM BECOMING THE SIZE OF TEXAS.

Isn't this worth the attention of our government and our main stream media?

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Greybeard said...

Fox News is covering it. I've not heard the desperation you are expressing... they are talking about solutions there and I am hopeful someone out there can fix this.
We own waterfront property in the Florida panhandle. The sand on the beach there is like sugar. What a tragedy it would be if that were covered in black tar.