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Recent History And How We Became Entitled

Every generation picks up a characteristic identifier.

In the 1940's the brave patriotism of Americas G.I. like Willie and Joe formed such an image. It was also the time of Rosie the Riveter, the jitterbug, and the New Deal.

The 1950's are identified the Cold War, cars with huge fins and lots of chrome, and the almost but not quite war in Korea. It was the time of Elvis Presley, the Sputnik and our race to catch up.

The 1960's were dominated by The Beatles. Nothing and nobody else comes anywhere close. Oh yeah. How about the acid tie dye cool aide drop outs, flower children, and the beginning of resistance to the growing war in Viet Nam.

The 1970's carried over the drop outs, university picketing, rush to Canada to avoid the draft, racial violence in Los Angeles, and more fancy drugs everywhere. Viet Nam became a horrible disaster for everyone concerned typlified by the massacre of My Lai and the general descent into the South East Asian Heart of Darkness.

By the 1980's our high school kids no longer could spell cat, make change in the supermarket, or meet college admission requirements. The answer was, of course, lower the standards. By the end of the decade our college students could spell cat and carry a protest sign properly. They could no longer legibly sign their own name. 

In retrospect, the 1990's may have been close to the time of our high mark (zenith, apogee, pinacle . . . . whatever). The family farm was almost gone, the big money boys had learned how to scam the system, the wall in East Berlin came down, and the Soviet Union was going down the tubes fast.

Finally we have reached the decade of the 2000's. The computers didn't crash. The world didn't end. Mexica was taken over by drug cartels, and every country that had one nuke wanted more, every country that didn't have a nuke wanted at least one. The domino theory was long gone and so was the containment theory. Now the world kept peace by the threat of atomic annilation. Harley Davidson made a  comeback and the big money boys were selling something called "Junk Bonds" . . . . Remember P.T. Barnum saying: "THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE."

And that phrase fits today even better than yesterday . . . .

More later


At some point during the last 40 or  50 years Americans became soft. Pride was lost. Individual initiative, hard work, integrity, and personal independence,  were all replaced by the welfare state. Our citizens became "ENTITLED" to government programs that  have all but replaced the original moral values of Christianity and our Nation. It has been a slow process, but America has definitely been moving toward SOCIALISM. In a true socialist state the government produces nothing but provides and regulates everything. Where ever this system has been in place . . . it has failed.

In America our politicians are racing toward socialism.

The question is "WHY?"


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