Friday, April 30, 2010

TEA Parties - Good, Bad or Ugly

Over the past few months I've been watching the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. They support conservative positions  but do they go too far?  I view political rallies, marches, and picketing with a jaudiced eye. There have been too many of these groups taken over by the lunatic fringe. (The John Birch Society comes to mine). You know, the boneheads that go radical.

But so far I have been impressed with the peaceful character of the TEA PARTIES. They appear not to be radicals at all, and very much in favor of our traditional values, our American heritage, and perhaps most important, they advocate common sense. 

Sarah Palin is the best known member and it's easy for me to rally around her. She has a genuine talent and a solid conservative history. Despite the awful liberal attacks on her personal life, she stands firm with her beliefs. I like that a lot.

I am, however, very disappointed that the Republicans are not supporting a conservative political agenda. They obviously don't listen to the voters any more than the Democrats do. The Republicans are not fielding strong and capable candidates for national office.  I think Michael Steele is responsible and must  take the blame and move on.  Sarah Palin should take over for him.  She would at least listen carefully and promote good people and a reasonable conservative leanins Republican agenda. 

If something like this doesn't happen soon, Americans will continue to look at the confused Republicans - and laugh.

As of today, the Republican party can't even mount an effective agenda to counter the most Radical, Revolutionary, Socialistic, Big Government Spenbders that have EVER inhabited Washington. If this isn't fixed quickly - the Obama Administration's disaster will get even worse.


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