Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toyota Problems vs American Unions

Am I the only one other than TOYOTA to notice the over-zealous complaints recently?  It looks to me like Toyota did (or does) have a few problems. In the media it is sometimes an unproven reference to a sticky accelerator pedal. At other times it's a weird claim that if one of their vehicles is purposely driven TOO FAST and TURNED TOO QUICKLY it might go out of control - if it is driven by a driver who is really trying to turn it over.

How quickly the very few claims  have morphed into thousands?  The media have gone into a feeding frenzy.  Why this special attention? I DOUBT THAT ANY CAR MAKER HAS SAFER CARS THAN TOYOTA.   So who would benefit from damaging Toyota's reputation?  THE AMERICAN AUTOWORKERS UNIONS that's who. 
These unions have long been frustrated with their inability to organize the foreign auto companies that build cars in America.  It is these same unions that are responsible for putting our car manufacturers at a financial disadvantage in the market. Now they are building Toyota's relatively minor problems way out of proportion. 

Does TOYOTA really deserve it?

What do you think?.

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Maggie Thornton said...

I agree with you. There is more than meets the eye in Congress hauling these people to the hill, and Ray Lahood telling people not to buy Toyota.

Government Motors will never replace Toyota, no matter that this administration tries to do. People love their Toyota brand.