Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Should Nations Control Immigration

Let's assume that nations surrounded by secure boundaries remain the most logical divisions of both geography and people, and those thus surrounded are correct to insist their government defend everything within the borders including them.

To prevent the government from being overwhelmed by the excessive demands of immigrants, a nation must, as a fundamental protection, insist on a gate-keeping control. All immigrants that desire to permanently change their residence and nationality should be required to accept and meet certain clearly described requirements:
  • To be accepted as applicants for citizenship according to the date they apply.
  • Pledge their to alligiance to America only.
  • Understand that there can be no duel citizenship.
  • Understand that English is the one official language.
  • All documents, contracts, and government correspondence will be in English only. 
  • Agree to observe and conform to all American State and Federal laws. 
Tom McClintock has it just right. Please watch:

Immigrants that desire only a temporary visit to America should be granted a term limited visa for 90 days only with the ability to extend another 90 days only.
  • They must agree to observe and conform to all American State and Federal laws while visiting.
  • They must agree to leave when their visa time ends.
  • An unrestricted number of temporary visas should be available to holiday visitors, Farm workers, and virtually any other visitors.
There should be no other restrictions on immigrants regarding for example their intelligence, schooling, or wealth.

Immigrants whose primary residence is now in America, but are here illegally and are officially undocumented, after applying for a special temporary visa, be granted one year to become an American citizen or agree to leave at the end of the visa term.

The children born of undocumented immigrants or immigrants here with temporary documentation, shall NOT automatically be American citizens. 

Only the children of American citizens will be automatically American citizens. The childrenborn in America of applicants for citizenship shall be American citizens at the time both parents become citizens. Until that time the children will be granted a special temporary visa. 


P.S. The establishment of gate control of immigrant numbers should be enacted by the Congress following each Presidential election.

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