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Al Gore. Not Guilty. Damn!

With apologies to my Democrat friends, Al Gore is just not one of my favorite people. The Clinton-Gore ticket was the first time Sleezy Al caught my eye. The pair won the election and went on to administer a fairly good political term. Clinton, to this day, is a brilliant, charismatic scoundrel, but Al Gore has not aged as well.  When in office, Al was a reliable supporter for the President. Granted, he didn't initiate much, but he wasn't supposed to. He simply did his job as the second banana. The glory years finally ended and Big Al ran for President on the Democratic ticket against the Republican, George W. Bush. We began to see a very different Al Gore.

The campaign was  nasty (as most Presidential bids are), particularly at the end. The vote tabulation was not handled right and the outcome could have gone either way, depending on the election officials. They and the courts administered the voting rules, and determined which ballots counted and which did not. After bitter debate, George Bush was declared the winner because most of the state delegates voted for him. Al Gore lost even though he won the most actual balloted votes.

Big Al did not take the loss well. He behaved like a spoiled child and his stature as a viable politician was reduced to dust. He dropped out of sight for a while, then rose like the phoenix on the back of a distorted scientific theory. Global Warming had arrived. Big Al has written books about it, lectured and promoted disaster misinformation, and made himself very rich. The guy is no dummy. Al is now a champion of the ecology movement, he's won the Nobel Prize, and he founded (and now owns) the "Current" TV channel.

In his personal life the former Vice President has put on about 200 extra pounds and travelled the world. At home, Al and his wife purchased (and own) 14 multi-million dollar estate homes . . . while they live in only one?  That's interesting isn't it. And even more important, they have "grown apart" and after several decades of marriage they have decided to separate.


It never happened. Her "story' is that he requested a massage while staying in a hotel, and she went to his room, gave him the massage, and he attacked her. There is no proof and no reason to believe her. She, the accuser, wants a few of Big Al's millions and that is that.  Al Gore may be a total jerk, a disgraced politician and a snake oil salesman, but he is certainly NOT GUILTY as charged.

Damn It.


Maggie Thornton said…
Hi Bump, this is a great line: He dropped out of sight for a while, then rose like the phoenix on the back of a distorted scientific theory.

I had no idea the Gores owned 14 estates! His carbon footprint is 13 times as big as I thought. I wonder if all of the properties are owned by their trust?

I'm beginning to think Molly Hagerty might have some truth to her story. Even if she has DNA on her slacks, though, I don't think any lab will be allowed to confirm it.

We'll never really know, I guess, but his attorneys have been trying to keep this quiet for most of the four years. In the end, if he is forced to make a statement, he will simply claim that global warming made his hot, hot, hot that night, and he couldn't stop himself.
Rain said…
I think the courts should determine who is telling the truth. What I read is he requested a massage and the hotel contacted the masseuse which means she's not a fly by night but an authorized therapist. I have written about this in more depth but she claims she has DNA proof. I do not think important men should get off the hook when an ordinary guy would have to answer to the law in such a case. This evidently happens to many masseuses.

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