Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Terror, Torture and Control

There are a number of things I just don't understand. One of them is why so many of the anti-war crowd go thumbs down on torture. Our Radical Islamic enemy doesn't hesitate. In fact they often omit torture entirely, and simply lop off the heads of our soldiers.

War is a dirty, ugly, and deadly business to be sure, but if one person is known to have information that would lead to the certain murder of two or more innocent persons, it makes perfect sense to use every tool available to retrieve that information.  Remember, the end of torture is not automatically death. 

Interogation torture must end before death occurs. 

But this opinion is not widely shared. The anti-war crowd sees torture as medieval and inhuman. They forbid torture under any circumstances and at any time, war or no war. Their position is blurred by the many opinions as to what constitutes torture. The precise definition is not uniform.

When the hypothetical question is: "Should one terrorist member of the group that plans to fly airplanes into the twin towers be captured . . .and he is strongly suspected of knowing the details of the prospective attack which, if carried out, will kill and maim thousands of innocent, non-combatant, American citizens  . . . .should all means available (some degree of torture) be used to innterogate this terrorist in an effort to save them?"

To me, the answer is a crystal clear YES.

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Greybeard said...


For me you must first define "torture".
Most on the left would now include "Waterboarding" as torture...
Which, when done properly, does NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE WHATSOEVER to the recipient.
When I find that somone wants to include waterboarding in their definition of torture I realize debating them is a total waste of time.
And, unfortunately, that is true of a myriad of discussions we try to have with lefties these days, isn't it?
Is our relationship with them irreparable?
Is a Civil War inevitable?
I've made solid points in discussions with folks like rain, only to have them ignore those truths and move on to their next talking point.
Until we can have a true "Di" alogue and have logical points recognized, we're in trouble as a Nation.
What we are doing now is unsustainable.