Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Islam Is Coming Fast

Every generation faces new and different problems. You and I will be in the ground when this one finally arrives - yet it is up to us to figure out now how best to deal with it. Islam is referred to as a religion but it is much more than that. It is an entire way of life based on civilization as it was hundreds of years ago. Since it is so intertwined with laws, rules, ethics, morals and psychology - I prefer to think of it as a POLITICAL SYSTEM rather than a RELIGION. 

Islam, as a political system, is a ruthless, bloody, medieval way of life - and not acceptable. Regardless, we must find some way to deal with it's increasing numbers. Muslims will soon dominate our modern and sophisticated societies whether we like it or not. That means it's crucial and urgent that we devise NOW a plan to accommodate the transition.

1. Can it be done?
2. If so, how? 


CAUTION:  I have not verified that all of the information
in this video is accurate. I think it is, but
it needs to be checked out. Bump

From my pedestrian point of view I think we must first FACE THE INEVITABLE FACT that Muslims will outnumber non-Muslims in Europe very soon, and in North and South America a few years later. If it is not acceptable to modern societies in it's present form, Islam will have to change to be accepted. Since it is a  huge religious/political/social and legal system, perhaps it is more practical to encourage the change in just one element at a time. 

Let's look at it from America's point of view. Since Americans accept virtually ALL religions (except those advocating intrusion their neighbors), perhaps a peaceful dialog with leaders of Islam could initiate changes to make it acceptable to infidels? For example:

        1.  If Americans could convince Islam to drop
             their advocacy of MILITANT domination of
             all non-Muslims, they might convince all
             infidels that the religion of Islam has merit
             making it certainly more acceptable.

        2.  Americans have their own peculiar republican
             democracy and they will vigorously defend it. 

        3.  Muslims that choose to live and work in America:
                a.  must agree to live under American
                     laws and not Sharia Laws,

                b.  agree to become citizens with loyalty
                     to America only,

                c.  and agree to learn English, the common
                     language of America.

Despite all of the recent terrorism, I can't believe that Muslims or Non-Muslims want another shooting war.

North and South Americans and Europeans must learn how to get along with peaceful religious Muslims. Perhaps they, the NON-RADICAL intellectuals and theocratic leaders of Islam, could be convinced that it is in Islam's interest to modernize (change) and join the other peaceful religions of the world. It doesn't sound impossible, does it?

It stands to reason that convincing the RADICAL FUNDAMENTALIST MUSLIM element of Islam will be  considerably more difficult. I would suggest that it would be substantially easier if the NON-RADICAL MUSLIMS were to be on our side in this.

At least, in America, I believe our peaceful Muslim friends and neighbors do not condone or approve of the radical terrorists in their midst - but it is very difficult for them to safely condemn the terrorists. They have no forum or organization, yet they have embraced civilization and put the bloody past of Islam back in the history books. I submit that if these fine Muslim neighbors had a suitable and protective forum to help America, they would.


Rain said...

A lot of religions are political if they get the power. Certainly Catholicism has been and still is in any country where it has power. We just have to hope Islam decides it wants to be part of the world community and quit wanting to kill all who disagree with it. Religion can be a very powerful force, not always for the good.

Greybeard said...

So Rain, we have to HOPE Islam sees the need to CHANGE?
As we've seen all too vividly, that's not likely to turn out as we imagine.

Rain said...

It might not but since what Dixon was talking about here was Europe and expressing a concern I have heard other places, we can try to inform; but I have noticed religious extremists (from any religion) don't pay much attention to logic. It's not like we can take on another war every time a country accepts Islam as its dominant religion. I think Europe does see the problem but like us with our illegal immigrants, they aren't always sure what to do about it. It's not like we can fix the world's problems. So to me hope is the only thing we can do right now unless you want to try and kill Muslims all around the world anywhere you find one and they can't prove they are a moderate. Since I find it highly unlikely you think we could or should do that, what else would you suggest we can do? I don't think Dixon was suggesting a course of action but simply looking at a very real concern which I basically share. But I also know a lot of religions today would do the same thing if they had political power.

Greybeard said...

I think your comparison to our immigration problem is, in some ways, apt, Rain.
They sat, watched, and did nothing while their communities became laden with folks with a foreign culture and religion. Only when that large number of folks began to demand their new digs change to their way of thinking and living did Europe realize they have a big problem. Google "Malmo Sweden" to learn about a town that, for all intents and purposes, is being run under Sharia law. (And is Dearborn Michigan far behind?)

No, I don't think we need to kill them...
Not until they threaten our way of life anyway.
But they will.
Sooner or later.
Moderate Muslims are terrified of the extremists, so the extremists take over while the moderates cower.
We need to make damn sure we don't find ourselves in "Malmo", Michigan.

Rain said...

Well as happens rarely, *s* I agree with you on not letting ourselves be boiled like a frog in slowly warming water. I took a photo of how that happens in Eastern Oregon once. A hot spring that the frogs liked as it gave them comfort, warmer water, easier, and then up would surge really hot and they got cooked. Not a pretty photo but definitely an apt comparison to how it can happen if we ignore reality.

Electronic Sally said...

The problem with ISLAM is that normal regular people are vastly outnumbered by the radicals,therefore they have no voice.