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The Pope Goes Backwards . . . Again ?

Most of my friends know I am a rather skeptical Christian with many unresolved questions. Regardless, a few years ago I became a fan of Pope John Paul and I've read many of his books.  No, I didn't always agree,  but I did respect his thoughts regarding the Catholic Church's position on most issues. I believe Pope John Paul was a terrific person, an outstanding intellectual, and a powerful advocate of Catholic religious thought.

Pope Benedict followed, and has a completely different personality. They say he is a bright light in Catholicism, but frankly, I think he pales in comparison with Pope John Paul. The new Pope shoots himself in the foot periodicaly, and I do not think it benefits the troubled Catholic Church.

Here is a typical example. In 2001 and 2005 the Church issued watered down policy statements attempting to put a bandaid on the sexual abuse problem. Now, years later,  Pope Benedict is again in the process of defining penalties for PRIESTS who sexually abuse children. This time he has defined "children" and included mentally disabled adults. He has also extended the statute of limitations from 10 years after a victim turns 18 years old . . .to 20 years after. His new policies are not complete nor are they of any help to the seriously challenged Church.


This has caused a turmoil in the church like none before.

Pope Benedict must be terribly out of touch with his flock.

He's shot himself in the foot again . . . while the church suffers. 



Rain said…
I am pretty down on religion, it's not believing in something spiritually or living with that belief but what happens when it becomes 'religion.' From what I have heard, and it is disillusioning, Pope John Paul was responsible for hiding some of this abuse, for letting an abusive priest retire without any consequences even when he knew he had been abusive to boys.

It is not just the Catholic Church where this happens. Out where I live, a minister was sexually harassing many of the women. Instead of making him pay a consequence, they just moved him to a different church without any warning to that church. It's that need to hide such things for fear it makes the religion look bad, I think :(
Bumps Stump said…
Rain . .

I'm afraid you're right. Pope John Paul certainly was aware of the sexual abuse problem within the Church and may have acted (or condoned) the effort to cover the horrible results. His action (or lack of action) in this matter is a dark area on his otherwise impressive credentials.

There are still active Priests and other members of the Church who are proven abusers who were simply moved when it became known. The Cardinal of the Los Angeles Diocese is believed to have been responsible for many such cover-ups, and there are several other Bishops and Cardinals who are known to have been involved.

These guys may not be able to look in the mirror but they are free as a bird. They haven't even had their knuckles rapped.

It's a disgrace.


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