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Racist. Not me my friend, not ever.

I write a lot of critical comments about many things and many people. It is presumed that my readers might be of any color, creed, religion, or other distinctive description. Since most of the writing concerns historical, sociological, religious or political aspects of what ever the subject happens to be, it's no surprise that there are people that disagree with me.

A few days ago one of my favorite bloggers, Kay,  told me that my writing suggests that I am a racist.  At first I was outraged and offended, but when I cooled down I realized that reaction would get me no place. Instead I should find out exactly what Kay found offensive. I reviewed my blog going back over a year, found absolutely no clue, and I am now more puzzled than ever.   So what in the world has Kay found?

There are a few public people that I believe are now (or were once) racist. Henry Ford was a well known anti-Semite. George Wallace was anti-Black. Reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremia Wright are each anti-White.  Whoa! This too was getting me nowhere.  Well, maybe not as it led me to understand that there is a very fine line between  DISCRIMINATION and RACISM.  One is good and one is bad. 

I have many definite opinions and prefer some things over others. Doesn't everybody? I prefer blonds over brunettes, my meat cooked well done rather than rare, my President to lead with due respect to the nation's Constitution rather than none, and I prefer powerful cars over underpowered cars. These are preferences that discriminate.

That said, I do not think the preservation of our American lifestyle is advanced by following the far left liberal path. My blogs make this abundantly clear.

I do not think financial stimulus packages are allowed by our Constitution and other founding documents.

I do not think the President should have the power to commit America to a premptive act of war. That power properly belongs to the Congress.

I think growing the government larger and larger by giving it increased powers that are not specified in the Constitution and other founding documents, is in fact ANTI-AMERICAN.

Notice if you will, that there is absolutely nothing RACIAL in these opinions. The choices I have made indicate that I definitely prefer, or discriminate, in these matters.

One area might be considered "tricky".  I have come to the conclusion that ISLAM should be more properly considered a political system with it's own laws than a religion. This isn't the more accepted popular view. My negative comments on ISLAM and it's followers may indeed be hyper critical of the radical desert Arab Muslims. I do not really  think of them as a race of people - but I admit this may not be entirely correct. My negative comments might be considered RACIST when in fact they are anything but that.

At the end of my investigation of Racism in my blogs . . . I find NOTHING at all.  I really think my friend Kay has confused my blogs with someone else's.



Greybeard said…
And there is another problem-
The difference between being "racist" and "discrminating". We ALL discriminate. A few of us are racists.
I'm continually boggled by folks who call the new Arizona immigration law "racist". What race are we talking about here people? And what race is discriminating against that other race?
Thanks for trying to educate Kay, Bumps. Now, do you have the patience to educate several others?
Rain said…
Not about to get between you and Kay, nor am I going to read all your comments elsewhere or your essays here; but what does preservation of the American lifestyle mean to you, Dixon? In one era it'd have been blocking the Irish from taking all the jobs. In another it'd be the blacks and today the Hispanics. Preserving your lifestyle can be seen as that you feel threatened by someone taking it. Who would that be? I do not think we can preserve it by the way. I think that life is change and the good times that many of us known might have to be shared by a lot more around the world thereby diluting ours. Some would say we had that good lifestyle by taking from theirs. That's the kind of thing that ends up being code for 'them' coming to get 'mine'. And since we once took it from them through basic resources and using their labor cheaply, maybe it's turnabout is fair...
Rain said…
and I have said that I don't consider the Arizona law to be racist for which I have been called racist. lol Ironic as I get called socialist, Hitlerite and Maoist for other comments I have made. One could be tempted to give up blogging or at least commenting :)
Bumps Stump said…
Hi Rain . . . Nice to hear from you.

(1) Lifestyle. I don't really have a distinct definition but when someone inserts "THE AMERICAN LIFESTYLE" in a text, I automatically think of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The first limits the government and the second describes our FREEDOMS as citizens. Somewhere between the two lies THE AMERICAN LIFESTYLE.

(2) I'm not a racist and never have been. I'm pretty sure Kay has me mixed up with someone elsa.

(3) My ancestors came to America as immigrants from Great Britain. They came without any education beyond a grade or two in the local Catholic Church. They couldn't read or write and they came without a penny. How? There was a reguirement that they had to have a sponsor already in this country who would pledge to help the new immigrant family to get a foothold. My people had a Uncle farming in Wisconsin who sponsored them. So they came. Some from Ireland, some from Scotland, and some from England. All desperately trying to rise up out of poverty.

(4) The world is different today. Back then, as immigration swamped the civil sevices and job markets, America began a program of picking and choosing who and how many would be allowed to immigrate. Laws were passed - but they didn't hold up very well over the long term. Finally there was little enforcement, and the result was an overwhelming number of Asian, Mexican and South American ILLEGAL immigrants. The unworkable laws stayed on the books - but were ignored. The immigrants came too fast. And many had no intention of assimilating or becoming an American. Recently Arizona stood up and said enough already! The ILLEGAL immigrants coming into Arizona could no longer be controlled. They were draining state bank accounts. Drugs were becoming the currancy of dangerous criminals crossing the Arizona border, and the drug traffic was not peaceful on either side. People were getting killed, innocent and guilty. And the number crossing the border was rising fast.

(5) I don't think most Americans are against legal immigration. Many have an immigrant ancestor and a story like mine.

(6) But our legal set-up has to be reworked. We (Americans) have to have the ability to restrict the flow so that our own infrastructure isn't overwhelmed to the point of bankruptcy.


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