Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sleeping, C-PAP and Pills BLOG 2

Some time has passed since I wrote of experiences with my C-PAP machine. I have finally figured out how to make the most of it, and I am able to reliably use it 6 to 8 hours per night. Not in one stretch however. I still wake at least once during the night and have to readjust the face mask.  My success is due to 3 things:
                                     1.  Perserverance 
                                     2.  Remzzz gaskets 
                                     3.  Turning the moisture knob on maximum.

Okay, now it's time to address the other problem: 


I was an active 70 when I sold my business. My plan, as I've described elsewhere, was to finally purchase a small motorcycle, move to a more rural location, where it is less expensive to live, purchase a smaller (1400 t0 1800 sq. ft,) one story home, and join a local fraternal or service club.  Notice that there is one big, major assumption not mentioned. I don't know why (?) but all of these objectives were for ME. Apparently I just automatically figured that my wife Linda would happily follow along. THIS WAS A BIG TIME MISTAKE.

Understand if you will, that Linda and I have been happily married for almost 50 years. There has never been any inclination to stray. We've had children (now adults) together and we remain very proud of them. Linda and I met our difficult times together - and we enjoyed many good times too. In the last analysis, Linda is the most important person in my life and always will be. To maintain that healthy relationship I have gone out of my way to never seriously cross her. I try not to do ANYTHING that she might object to.
I know it sounds like I'm some kind of Milquetoast, but I am not. Instead, I am a difficult person to live with and very much aware that Linda has made similar efforts to accomodate my many problems. It's a fair trade, and it works for us.

Now, with all of that background information, perhaps you will understand where I'm coming from. MY PLANS FOR RETIREMENT HAVE BEEN THROWN INTO THE GARBAGE, and I am in the  process of planning for OUR  retirement once again. Notice that this time I will plan for BOTH OF US.

This time there will be:
1.   No motorcycle.
2.   No location change for at least 5 more years.
3.   No downsized our home anytime soon.
4.   No voyages / travelling / sports / airplane rides / trains / and no farm areas.
5.   No horses / ocean swimming / guns / heights / and no small boats. 

This time I will concede that Linda:
1.  Wants to stay in our home
2.  Wants to stay in our town
3.  Wants to stay with her job
4.  Will NOT plan for retirement
5.  Has no particular change in mind.

This, then, is where I have to start.

Let me think on it for a while.

And there will be much more to come. . . .

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