Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are All Muslims Our Enemy?

My infinite wisdom has let me down again.

After 9/11 and reading about the reactions around the world, I concluded that America was soon to be tested.  Terrorism had definitely arrived on our virgin shores - and would not be going away until we learned how to deal with it. All Americans were confused. We quickly learned that the terrorists that  carried out the attack were neither stupid nor cowards. We didn't understand them at all. In our experience, educated, capable people just didn't drive airliners into buildings. But it was done.

What would motivate an individual to do such a horrendous act? Instantly, from our long exposure to the on-going terror faced by Israel, we knew the answer would be tied to the PEACEFUL RELIGION OF ISLAM. It was clearly in our best interest to study this, the second largest religion in the world. We obviously would have to know our new enemy better than we did before 9/11.

These Youtube videos provide a pretty good summary of Islam and it's danger to western and advanced societies. Unfortunately I've not been able to assure myself that all of the facts presented are accurate, yet I am reasonably sure they are. So please open the following links and let me know if you agree:

The Holy Book of Islam is the Quran. Mulims can not pick and choose the verses they like, and ignore those verses they do not like. All Muslims, moderate, radical, fundamentalist, fanatical or whatever . . . are supposed to obey the entire Quran.

Doesn't this fact indicate that ALL MUSLIMS are the enemy of non-believers (infidels) wherever they are?  This is a definitive question that I've asked two of my Muslim friends and neither has a ready answer . . . . ?  Why not.

Because the Quran does instruct ALL MUSLIMS that they are allowed to, and should, lie about anything if it will advance the expansion of Islam. Doesn't this apply to any question asked of a MUSLIM?  Apparently it does.



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cj said...

Bump -

I keep trying to find something I can like, or even simply accept, about Islam, but I can't.

Sharia law
Suicide bombings
Honor killings
Death to infidels

None of it inspires me to believe that Islam is a valid, peaceful religion.

There may be moderate Muslims out there somewhere but my questions? Where are they and why are they not stepping up to take their religion back from the radicals who have taken it over?

I hold those radical, 'bomb-throwing', supposed Christians, like the loons from Westboro, in utter contempt and I condemn and dismiss their bastardized version of Christianity whenever I can.

I see few Muslims willing to do the same with their religion.