Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Immigrant Propulsion System Seen At The Border

This one struck my funny bone about a year ago. Another copy arrived this morning and struck it again.  Apparently Democrats have no interest in preserving our country for future generations. They look at illegal immigrants as future Democrats. Are they nuts? The overwhelming numbers of immigrants passing over our southern borders has visibly started to degrade America and it's prosperity. Of course, welfare for some is badly needed and a blessing, but for a larger number recipients it is a heavy iron collar around their necks. When we provide welfare for this latter group, it is counter productive at best. It teaches dependence, stifles ambition and results in perpetual poverty.

The majority of poor and uneducated Hispanic people crossing our southern borders are sapping the strength and well being of American citizens. Across the nation there is apparently no resistance to legal immigrants that follow American rules and laws. It is widely believed that the laws on our books provide a system of regulating the influx of immigrants as well as filtering their quality by requiring certain conditions if they plan to stay.

It is very possible that our system needs an overhaul and updating, but for partisan political reasons our Federal Government has, until recently, REFUSED TO APPLY ANY OF THOSE LAWS AND CONDITIONS.  Like the man says:

Stupid is as Stupid does.  

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