Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Women Convert to Islam. Why?

It amazes me that ANY American women convert to Islam, but they do.  In most cases the attraction is either unexplainable or irrational in view of the subjugation and loss of gender equality and societal freedom they knowingly accept. The following three links offer most of their reasons.

1.      http://www.islamfortoday.com/evans01.htm

2.      http://www.sultan.org/articles/convert.html

3.      http://wasalaam.wordpress.com/2007/07/16/why-do-women-convert-to-islam/

These converts KNOW that their peaceful new religion does this to women:




PatriotUSA said...

Thanks, Bump and I may steal this one. I have a friend who is taking a turn for the worse who has ALS and I am heading to his house now.

cj said...

Personally, their reasons are their own, as is their choic but I feel sorry for them. Any woman who believes Islam is the right choice for them is clearly not paying attention.

I'd love to hand them the book Infidel and make them read it before they convert.