Saturday, September 25, 2010

America's Math and Science Future

Most American colleges and universities teach politically liberal philosophies. When we wonder where Mr. Obama and his  supporters learned their far left political ideas, we have only to look as far the schools they came from.

A student's education  forms the foundation of his knowledge. It should be no surprise that left liberal biased teachers will produce left liberal students. 

The teaching of MATHEMATICS and THE SCIENCES are usually free of political and philosophical biases.  Interestingly, the modern world has come to value these subjects as major enablers of progress. Sadly, compared to other nations teaching MATH and the SCIENCES, America is not providing students with a competitive education. This is a definite problem and we don't seem to be addressing it.


Among all nations our High School Graduates rank 14th in MATHEMATICS.

They rank 15th in the SCIENCES.

Among to other nations the starting wage of our primary school teachers ranks 5th.

And spending on EDUCATION as a percent of GDP, America ranks 37th.

These statistics indicate that our educational system is not as good as it could be. If it is not improved,  America will continue to fall further behind.

There are other statistics that indicate most American HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES are not prepared to do college or university work.  Many colleges and universities  have to offer remedial (high school) classes for the student's freshman year. This does not speak well of our INTERMEDIATE and HIGH SCHOOLS, which is where our higher education problems begin. 

It is a particularly significant handicap for those students who wish to further their education in MATHEMATICS and/or the SCIENTIFIC STUDIES.



PatriotUSA said...

Hey Bumps, Got a link to the story about the
female collge graduate who converted to islam
to express her femininity? Let me know. Talk a
an idiot and ignorant, brainwashed fool. I bet
NOW and the feminazis will love her for doing this! said...

Patriot . . . Lost that link but have others. Try this for starters:

Good luck.