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The RNC Has No Leader or Platform

Bloggers pump out daily drivel and most goes where it is needed . . . the great eraser dust in the sky. But is there a grain of truth hidden in the mountain of verbiage? Maybe. But it's well hidden and one must suffer through the liberal hog-wash to find it.

America needs honesty and integrity. Where in the hell did they go? Everybody proudly cheats on their taxes. What else do they cheat on? The government is run by people that were once committed to serve others. That was when they turned two years old. After that it became a game of who has the most toys. Greed came in and ruined the soup.

Now we have a government that we all deserve. They  spend whatever and pay for it by printing money. Inflation will save us they say. Take another drink and spend some more. It cost us nothing. The bill will be sent to our future generations. We pay nothing. It's the ol' free lunch syndrome. We get the free lunch. Future generations get the bill. Now what could be more wonderful than that?

Two political parties fight tooth and nail with the single minded purpose of keeping their jobs. Citizens can go hang as long as they get theirs. The Democrats have been invaded by the freebie weasels. Socialism does not work and they know it. It's just a scheme to level humanity. The idea that everyone should be six feet tall and have brain power equal to all their neighbors is positively stupid. That's why Democrats chase that idea in every direction. The mistakenly figure that creating sameness, eliminating competition and paying everybody the same wage no matter what their worth . . . . will result in a world without greed. These brilliant liberal-socialist really believe that destroying history that contradicts their stupidity is going to result in a better world. 

Well, Democrats, you are nutso. Common sense over-rules  your plan to do nothing and get paid the big buck to do it. Sorry pal, the free lunch idea is dead and it's time you returned to American values and traditions. It's time you realized that individuals can be motivated by something other than welfare and free lunches.

Then we come to the Republicans. What a sorry bunch of spineless losers. These people take first prize in the dumbo contest. The RNC is a toothless disaster in need of a root canal. Michael the boss is 90% clueless. Time to go Mike. Sarah Palin might be rightfully be appointed to some office or another some day, has developed a recent history that suggests she will not be elected President or Vice President . . ever. Despite her outstanding record, sharp as a tack mind, strong conservative leanings, and willingness to speak the simple truth to the unwashed crowds, Sarah would be a terrific cheerleader-money raiser and head of the RNC. 

Sarah Palin and her panel of common sense could and would develop a strong Republican platform that conservative and moderate Republicans could sell to the voters. The platform would launch the careers of several attractive candidates for office. There are, believe it or not, many very bright and articulate moderate conservatives in the Republican party who are champing at the bit to rectify the Obama Administration catastrophe and erase the long term death spiral course they have tried to set. The plain fact is that the common sense, tradition oriented, free market promoters are not getting their points across. There is no apparent unity among them. Conservative leaning moderate Republicans must get up front and lead. If they don't, America is headed down that old slippery slope to oblivion. 

Our nation is founded upon the freedom documents given to us to guide our society. Republican must restore them to their pedestals and return the government to their principles.  To do so they will have to win elections. To win elections Republicans must develop and agree on a strong minded platform of intentions.

Let's get it done, people.



Maggie Thornton said…
Really nice essay Bump. Of course, I agree with every word. One of the problems will be elected conservatives pushing their way to the front of the pack of fossils that run the party. We can see that in the Senate, those particular fossils feel the need to neuter the likes of Jim DeMint. It is so disturbing this late in the game. I suspect they read no news. If they did, they would be jumping on the wagon carrying those founding documents in their shirt pocket.

Hannity said today the Republicans are about ready to release their own Contract-for-America. It better be good.
cj said…
Just out of curiosity, why are you so sure Governor Palin couldn't win an election?
Bumps Stump said…
CJ . . . I like Sarah Palin and I am not so sure she couldn't win. Did I say that she couldn't? Must have been the Irish whiskey. If the vote was today and Obama was the opponent . . she'd win big time and walk right in. I do think the circumstances would have to be just right, and her opponent a dunderhead or someone detested like Obama.

I also hesitate when promoting Mrs. Palin to others. In my not-so-humble opinion she lacks something. Don't know what? It's difficult to identify. She's smart and pretty and speaks as if she has good common sense. She has terrific charisma and drive. While those things are certainly a hell of a lot more than we've had in that office for years, I still can't picture her as "Commander-In-Chief" bossing the military establishment, nor as a diplomatic advocate trying to sway foreign leaders.

No, I don't think I have a problem with women in government unless their last name is Clinton. So that's not it.

Maybe my hesitation is more because I think she has a shrill voice and the mannerisms of a evangelist? Maybe it's because I think she needs to display a knowledge of international traditions and history better than she has? Maybe a little less cheerleading and more gravitas?

Granted, she is better equipped right now than most of our recent Presidents have been. But my hesitation is still there, and a bit of a bother. At the same time, if she were to run for the office I'd vote for her regardless.

cj said…
Thanks for the reply. It was actually nice to see some thought out reasons based on something beyond the MSM's stories about her.

Yes, she's lacking in foreign affairs type experience but, I'm not so sure she doesn't understand international traditions and history. She spoke in Hong Kong a year ago, addressing business issues, and did a very good job.

But you're right; she needs to start demonstrating it but that will be problematic because she cannot count on the MSM to give her fair treatment in the media. They will always be out to get her, the recent Vanity Fair piece is a perfect example. Strangely enough, however, I think that piece may very well be a turning point because members of the MSM are even saying it was a heavy handed, false hit piece.

Have you seen some of her pieces at Facebook? They're worth the read because it is her, unfiltered.

Final comment, the more I hear her speak, the more I am reminded of Ronald Reagan, which is the type of conservative we will need in 2013.

We'll see.

Greybeard said…
Just one comment here that Bump already indirectly addressed:
Looking at Palin's shortcomings, compare her to the job Bozama is doing/has done. She couldn't possibly do a WORSE job could she?!!

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