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U.S. Taxpayers Build Mosques. Why?

Everyday I am more amazed at our government. Somebody up there on the pedestal actually voted to take my taxes and give the money to Muslims who want to build or restore Mosques.  Unbelievable, but apparently true.

1.   In 2003 our JUSTICE DEPARTMENT declared that the U.S. Constitution's "Establishment Clause" did not prevent federal funds from going to preserve religious structures - IF THEY HAD CULTURAL IMPORTANCE. They never did figure out just who should decide what religious structure is or isn't culturally important. I wonder if anyone in the Justice Department  is awake?

2.   There are currently over 20 projects being at least partially funded by U.S. FEDERAL FUNDS to construct, renovate, or rehabilitate Mosques around the world. Who is authorizing this?

3.   When was the U.S. Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Preservation established? By whom?

4.   The U.S. Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Preservation (A.F.C.P) is currently funding or planning to fund "heritage preservation" projects in the developing world"  - which is a phrase that hides the financing of Mosques and Mosque related projects. This is not how I want MY taxes spent. How about you. 

5.   Hillary Clinton apparently thinks this is a good way for America to exercise what she calls "soft power".  No, she isn't kidding.

6.   The United States Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.) has spent MILLIONS reconstructing and financing several Mosques in Egypt and Cyprus. Did you vote for that? I didn't.

7.  Why is the U.S. taxpayer funding Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's trip to the middle east? Exactly who in our government stupidly approved this?

Does ANYBODY in our government realize that WE ARE AT WAR with radical Muslims and several of these radical groups (like the Muslim Brotherhood) are the slickest and most dangerous con-men that America has ever been at war with. Is anyone investigating the Muslims who are receiving this money? 

Apparently not.



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