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More Than A Little Sad

When a person slows down enough to look around everything he sees are the negative TV news of the depressing headlines of the morning newspaper.  A drink of coffee might help absorb the latest disasters, murders, bloody accidents, and earthquakes, but probably not. It's simply not a cheerful picture. Our world is going to hell faster and faster. 

Somebody, I think the Heritage Foundation, estimated that only about 2% of the world's Muslims were dangerous fanatics. That sounded pretty good until I realized the 2% of 1.6 billion is 32,000,000. Now that is a hell of a lot of people that want the rest of us infidels in pine boxes six feet under. Are you smiling yet?

We presently have ourselves tied in a knot over the middle east.  Two things drew us in to this mess;   oil and Israel.  President Bush was advised that Iraq was a danger to both. It wasn't. His intelligence was dead wrong and it led to his wrong decision to start the so-called liberating war with Iraq.  After mobilizing and getting the war underway, President Bush, for some unknown reason, forgot the principles and people that got him elected.  Bush began spending like a drunken Democrat and his term in office became a political and economic disaster.

"Bash Bush First" became the rule of the day, and Bush made it easy. He did a few of good things while in office,  but not nearly enough to offset the criticism. Now Bush, Jr. is off on his ranch in Texas and President Obama is now in charge.

Good Lord! He is ten times worse than Bush, Jr.! ! ! 

We elected, for the first time ever, an ego driven, socialist inspired revolutionary who is determined to destroy America.  Our political situation at home and abroad could hardly be worse, but Mr. Obama is trying.  We got in this mess because Americans have changed and no longer follow the principles laid down by the Founding Fathers.  We no longer hear much about honesty, integrity, and "do onto others as you would have done onto you". Those concepts are considered obsolete by the Obama administration.

And nobody reads Horatio Alger any more. The idea of individual initiative, hard work, and raising a person by his own boot-straps, is laughed at. Typically, it has been replaced with;  "how much can I cheat on my income tax, how can I squeeze more welfare out of the government, what exaggeration can I put on my resume that can't be proved wrong,  what's the best way to cheat my neighbor and not get caught, and what ever happens to me is not my fault so who do I sue for damages?" Think I'm wrong?  Read the newspapers.
A very unstable Islamic ruled Iran may soon be able to manufacture atomic bombs. An even more unstable Islamic Pakistan already is able to make atomic bombs, and so can the world's most desperate nation, North Korea.  No wonder the rest of the world is nervous. 

Christian churches in America are shutting down, and Islamic Mosques are being built in their place. Most of these new Mosques are financed by Saudi Arabia's Radical Wahhabist Muslims - who are determined to subjugate Americans or die trying. Are you still comfortable?

Enough already.



Greybeard said…
What... you think I'm gonna disagree with ya?
Not on your life.

Much of our problem stems from the fact that about half the population is well-meaning and generous, but has forgotten what you indicated and what they learned in Soc., Econ., and Psy 101...
You get MORE of what you reward, so be careful to reward only constructive stuff.

Until we get back to rewarding positives rather than negatives the situation will continue to worsen.
Secession anyone?
(If Arizona secedes I'll be there like Davy Crockett!)

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