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MORE Power To The President.?

There are a few American politicians who are either stupid, incompetent or both. These people never give up trying to change our government - whether it needs it or not. They purposely ignore, avoid or disregard following the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and other founding documents. Their intent is destroying America's carefully balanced trilateral system, diminishing the effects of the Free Market, and eroding our position as a world leader. 

And we, you and I, LET THEM DO IT.  

The extremists, radicals, and social engineers have moved in to rebuild our government by imitating the failed European Socialist models. It makes no sense whatever. Forgotten in the wind is the fact that socialism alone does not work, and their notion that a larger and growing government should control more and more aspects of an individuals life is CONTRARY to our American tradition. 

(1)  This week our President specifically ordered the assassination of an 
      American citizen: 
  • who was not charged with a crime, and 
  • who was not given due process in our courts.
I don't remember any instance of a former President authorizing the murder of an American citizen. When did we give the President the power to do so?

(2)  President Truman authorized the use of the Atom Bomb on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Innocent non-combatants were exterminated and  Americans accepted fact because of the million (or more) allied soldiers saved. Does that excuse the act? 

(3) Was it in Eisenhower's time that the idea of "state dominoes" was first suggested?  If a nation accepted Soviet Communism those nearby would fall like dominoes. Is this why America felt responsible to defend South Viet Nam? Was it worth thousands of American lives - or wrong in the first place?

(4) It was during the period between WWII and the end of the Korean conflict that the "Cold War" began. Thousands of nuclear weapons were produced and stockpiled. The theory was that both enemy's would destroy each other if a war was to start. Detente? Or baloney? 

(5)  President  Eisenhower, at the end of his term, warned America of the increasing danger of a "military-industrial complex". Civilian industries had hired thousands of representatives to LOBBY government personnel and influence where contracts were placed. 

Should we not consider limiting or controlling lobbyist power?

Work in process. More to come

- - - - -

And here it is. Please read Maggies blog outlining the quiet destruction of America's military services. This is more than alarming!

It's downright anti-American.


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