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Worried About America

Am I the only one that is tired of politicians. All of 'em. American politicians have painted themselves in a very poor light. We would probably be better off with Disney characters running the country. The Bush and Obama Administrations are the last straw with their abysmal record of stupid decisions. Admittedly, they've made a few good ones, but very few. The good ones are overwhelmed by the huge number of mistakes. Our citizens, both liberal and conservative, are afraid for their country! Governing has become difficult if not impossible. The idealogical extremes (left and right) no longer cooperate for the common good, and the government has all but come to a stop. This is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they set the stage. 

The Founders insisted on oversight (two branches over one). They did their best to balance the power of each, and it worked well for a few hundred years. The division of political power coupled with oversight provisions was largely   responsible for America's exceptionalism. Partisan lines between controversial issues are often whisper thin. To prevent "dead-lock" the Founders provided  directions regarding who should govern what, and designed our system of jurisprudence to interpret the application of laws and controls:
  • (1) The Constitution,
  • (2) The Declaration of Independence, and 
  • (3) The Bill of Rights 
Now (2012), our statutes and traditions have been mangled beyond reason by the Bush (pre-emptive war?) and Obama (unsustainable spending?)  Administrations. We elected these leaders . . . and they steered our country off-course at the expense of our freedoms. It may still be possible to fix the problems - but - it will require returning to the government designed by the Founding Fathers. 

The "replacement" politicians must insist on  solutions that restore America.
  • Reduce our world wide military presence.
  • Convert our military establishment to a  "DEFENSIVE" posture.
  • Social Security is broken. Fix it.
  • Design more reasonable federal limits to punitive legal damages.
  • Get a sustainable handle on the medical industry.
  • Provide medical care insurance for every citizen.
  • Control our national borders and pre-qualify immigrants.
  • Design a way for illegal residents to become citizens-or registered visitors.
  • Consider reinstating the "braceros" temporary work plan.
And that's just for starters!


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