Monday, February 6, 2012

Good & Not So Good

Finally, Santorum has risen to the top! There may be hope for the GOP yet! Either he or Romney would be an improvement!

Each political party has winners and losers. The Democrats are currently stuck with a big-time loser.  Obama has had no positive accomplishment since his election. None. Not one. Every issue he has addressed has had an overriding negative. He keeps telling us that his complicated and unreadable Obamacare is a major accomplishment. Nooooo. It is not. The by-product is the  unsustainable cost of the program. That alone is enough to disqualify him to serve as President. 

The opponent to Pres. Obama will be the nominee of the Republican Party. There is no single favorite yet.  The media says Romney is tentatively ahead of Gingrich. Santorum and Ron Paul. Any one of them would be an outstanding improvement and would mark a return of common sense. Alas, the GOP has allowed their prospective candidates to destroy each other attempting to win the primaries. They have eagerly given ammunition to the Democrat opposition.

It's left either Santorum or Ron Paul to carry the GOP message. They both of these candidates favor: 

  • reducing the size of the government, 
  • eliminating our national debt burden, 
  • erasing government's excessive spending, 
  • replacing Obamacare with an affordable program, 
  • stopping all bailout spending in the future, 
  • supporting the free market economy, 
  • allowing redundant and failing businesses to enter bankruptcy, and, 
  • fixing the income tax and other tax methods.

Every single one of these ambitions is contrary to Obama's philosophy of government. 

Every one!   

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