Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christian. Who says so?

A few days ago Billy Graham Jr. said on tv  that The Church of Latter Day Saints is not Christian. Reverend, I disagree.

The Mormons see Christianity through a different lens but they are indeed Christians. That is to say that they do believe in Jesus Christ and the Trinity just like Baptists do. Granted that most Christians base their religion on the Holy Bible, and generally recognize that it is the a construction that was written by an unknown number of authors, transcribed as fact, fiction, myth, superstition, or traditional mystery. It was intended to provide lessons that could be interpreted in a way that would guide mankind to control and improve life on earth.

The Mormons more recently (19th Century) were led to compose and transcribe their Holy Book (The Book of Mormon) in much the same way. Their Holy Book recognizes Jesus as the Christ, celebrates his life, endeavors to pass on his teachings, and contains, more or less, the traditional Christian philosophy.

Granted, it does omit several  of the biblical passages, and adds religious content as interpreted or devised by original Mormon leaders.  I submit that The Church of Latter Day Saints is, in it's philosophic and religious character, as Christian as any other denomination existing. 

I believe that Rev. Billy Graham Jr. was wrong to state that Mormonism is not a vibrant and functioning Christian church.


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