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Obama's Score

Has President Obama accomplished ANYTHING on the good side of his ledger? Do we really need to admit he and his administration have done something of real merit for America?

Let's try.

1.   Democrats say he kept us out of Libya.
2.   Democrats remind us that he pulled our troops out of Iraq.
3.   Democrats tell us that since the stock market is up, Obama saved it.
4.   Housing has hit bottom because he saved it from going lower.
5.   General Motors is back on top because Obama saved it from bankruptcy.
6.   Employment is stabilizing  because  Obama helped jobseekers find work.
7.   Banks are again healthy and more accountable because of Obama.
8.   Credit Card companies make more money because of Obama.
9.   Credit Card companies now recognize consumer rights because of Obama.
10. Obamacare is moving ahead with no adverse effect on the nation's health.

They have to be kidding - right?

Why criticize President Obama

1.   He is committed to changing America to a "Communist" state.
2.   He is an elitist Leninist with contempt for traditional America
3.   He displays disrespect for the sanctity of the Presidency.
4.   His contempt for white America is often displayed.
5.   He and his wife comport themselves as emperor and empress.
6.   He has been (is) verbally abusive to the citizenry.
7.   He has regularly displayed incivility in his public statements.
8.   He has conducted himself with deceit, dishonesty, and obfuscation.
9.   He and his wife have displayed hatred and bigotry while in office.
10. No other President has spent over a million dollars to keep his
            records and past sealed.
11. He lied about his fathers 's military service.
12. He lied about his activities in the civil rights movement.
13. He lied about the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address.
14. He publicly insulted a member of Congress.
15. He has been openly hostile to to business.
16. He has been aggressively against the State of Israel.
17. He has willfully disregarded the Constitution he swore to follow.
18. His narcissistic arrogance is unequalled and embarrassing to Americans.
19. He and his wife view their lives as entitlements of excess.



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