Saturday, March 10, 2012

Can You ExplainThis ? Or this?

I guess it's a seaplane. It's got a bow of sorts. Is this a trick picture somebody photoshopped? If not, how do you explain the right wing?

And I've not been able to discover an engine to power the plane. Do you suppose those two rust-red openings are jet intakes?

And don't forget the sub. Note that the plimsal line is pretty far above the water. Is this silly looking sub supported by the plane's right wing?

Or is it sitting on a dry dock out of the water?

Neither the sub or the plane are familiar. I suppose they could be Russian or Chinese? Or were they made in Saudi Arabia?

Okay. I don't know either.

And I have another unsolved puzzle:

Thought these paddle wheeler were used on rivers and such. You know, in shallow waters. Well, so much for that bit of knowledge.

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