Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kiwanis Missing Link

Sometime ago I was the Lt.Governor of a Kiwanis District. It was time consuming, a little extra work, and great fun. I enjoyed (almost) every minute.

A few years went by. Then Lt. Gov. Jim Blank took the helm of my former Kiwanis District. Hard to believe but he did a walloping lot of damage. Unfortunately Jim was smart and capable - but had (has) no common sense. The District is one of the largest in Cal-Nev-Ha's Division of Kiwanis. It has a long and distinguished past.

Jim managed to rub people the wrong way. His District Council Meetings, formerly attended by 40 to 60 club officers and members, had approximately 3 to 4 attendees by the end of his term. His leadership became a disaster.

Interestingly, Lt. Gov. Jim had no knowledge of, or intention to, handle the Kiwanis monies in and out of his hands TRANSPARENTLY. There was no oversight of any kind. There was no auditing allowed, and Jim made very sure that no person reviewed his check book stubs. He never made any kind of financial report or accounting TO ANYONE.

When I studied the various laws and guiding advice that Kiwanis furnished to prospective Lt. Governors, I was surprised to find NO FIRM INSTRUCTION,  REPORTING PROCEDURES,  or even mention of the need for some sort of OVERSIGHT. There is apparently no instructions or penalties regarding the proper handling of Kiwanis monies by the Lt. Governor.

I contend that it is a missing link in the Kiwanis management system.

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