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Hunger vs Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING. Several scientists tell us that the earth is warming at an alarming rate. They say that the ice is melting and raising ocean levels faster than we can protect ourselves. There is proof that the polar ice caps are melting and raising ocean levels - but there is a significant controversy over WHY.

We know that many areas on our planet are getting warmer. NASA data suggests a rise of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. They say that it has risen the most and quickest in the Arctic. Interestingly, the same experts acknowledge that many areas around the world are getting colder at the same time? To me, these contradictions raise questions about HOW scientists measure the temperature of the globe. Also, exactly WHO is doing this research? WHO is placing the thermometers, and precisely WHERE are they measuring the temperature? Is the concept that the ENTIRE planet is warming a valid scientific fact?

Planet earth is very old. No one knows how old. For this discussion let us assume the earth is an arbitrary 1 Billion years old. At some time scientists believe that dry lands shifted and separated; that North and South America, for example, separated from Europe and Africa and the Atlantic Ocean filled in between them. Geologists are also certain that large parts of the American west were once under (Ocean) water, and large areas were covered with a thick blanket (glaciers) of ice. There is evidence that at some time planet  earth  'wobbled' on its polar axis, also that there have been changes of the earth’s orbit around the sun.  These conditions have increased and decreased the planet’s temperature. There seems to be no reason to think these changes are not continuing as  write this. Instead, we assume that they occur over very long periods of time. So slow are they that it is difficult to measure them. In comparison human existence has been but an instant since the earth was created - (or began existing if you prefer).
More recently human beings have improved their ability to see into space. Advancing technologies have made possible a fast growing knowledge of the universe. The events that occur on the surface of the sun and how they impact the earth are being studied every day. The sun surface  appears to be some sort of burning gasses subject to huge explosions. The explosions (sun spots) look like flames rising from the sun’s surface- but that appearance is misleading. Astronomers today tell us that solar flares, are essentially very powerful MAGNETIC FIELDS OF POWER.  Scientist suspect that  the sun itself is slowly changing its character.

Could it be that the sun is getting warmer?

1.   Human beings may or may not be the cause of global warming.

2.   If the entire globe is warming it probably an extremely slow process.

3.   Specific areas  are experiencing fast rising temperatures right now.


Perhaps Global Warming should have a lesser priority?


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