Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apple vs Microsoft

I bought an Apple with Great expectations. Friends kept pushing and I finally jumped ship. I had been using pc for over 20 years and the change was expected to be traumatic. It was. Now there is  perfectly good (but very old) Gateway pc sitting next to my new Apple iMAC 21". Before making the big move I tried to read about the Mac. That seemed to confuse the issue and didn't help. So I elected to accept that the new machine would be smarter, more intuitive, easier to use, and more or less, better in every way. Well . . . . I learned a valuable lesson. Never listen to friends. 

Granted, my new iMAC is impressive and does many things very well. My surprise is that it does so many things NOT so well. In fact, after a couple of months struggling with the new (to me) and strange,and incomplete operating system of the iMAC, I am convinced that the old semi-reliable Gateway pc has one hell of a lot more to offer. 

  • I am certain that: once I PURCHASE 2 or 3 special programs (Excel, Word, etc.) my life will improve. I don't think NUMBERS or PAGES are even close to competitive.
  • and PURCHASE 5 or more apps (photo duplicate remover, Booksmart (IBOOKS is a poor substitute,  an Adobe extension opener, an Adobe Illustrator etc., I may then be able to settle down and get my work done on the iMAC.

Most of the problem is related to my being an old geezer. Making it worse, I am also a bit impatient. I was advised to dump SAFARI in favor of GOOGLE. Another fundamentally stupid thing to do. I'm now back on SAFARI. I had e retained GOOGLE CHROME as my default Browser. I had been with AOL for years and not completely satisfied. Someone said I would just love YAHOO e-mail and welcome page. Well . . .I'm still with YAHOO but should never have changed. 

Now I find myself listening to the hype about Firefox 8.

Maybe this is a good time to stop listening to friendly advice and set up what I have and stop complaining?   

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