Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOP Idiots Shun Ron Paul

Just learned the GOP have seated Ron Paul & friends as far from the lecturn as possible. Really the nose-bleed section. Once again they prove that main stream Republicans are clueless. They refuse to acknowledge the conservative majority in their own party. Amazing stupidity - but not surprising.

Ron Paul's domestic libertarian agenda needs to be considered even though his foreign agenda renders him un-electable. Yes, many of his ideas are simply not pragmatic. They would never work without considerable modification, yet he has many other ideas that need to be enacted. He generally articulates the libertarian-conservative view featuring a smaller, less invasive government. He supports the actual words of the Constitution, not the words bent and fractured by the legal establishment. And so forth.

The GOP ignores the libertarian and conservative elements in the party AND THE REPUBLICANS CAN NOT BEAT THE OBAMA DISASTER WITHOUT THEM.


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