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Liberal Betty The Blogger

Betty Rain   

My friend Betty (Rain), a terrific blogger and almost a reasonable Liberal Democrat. She doesn't like to listen to my usual apposing views, but Betty is very intelligent, a great photographer, and an excellent writer. She writes romance novels in her spare moments. Politically, she has been moving further to the left since Obama became the King. She and the farm boss (husband) have approved  most of his devastating far left ideas. I'm not going to discuss that fellow right now. She knows where I stand, and I know where she stands. From what I can see there are more than enough press people and raging bloggers talking about his poor decisions. I am  concerned only with the apparent closure of a very bright mind.

America is becoming a radical Liberal-Progressive nation. The size of our government is growing  faster than our population and we are experiencing the most Liberal-Progressive  trend since F.D.R.  The extreme Obama administration is convinced that we should print more money and increase welfare payments until there is no more poverty. These people are essentially borrowing from the Communist and Socialist concepts that  are not new and have universally failed.  They raise our already excessive  national debt - which will put us out of business if not reduced. Liberal Progressive governments, by definition, will not reduce our national debt. Perhaps a traditional and more conservative government would take the necessary steps: 
  1. to eliminate waste, redundancy, excessive spending, and grand new projects that have potentially poor returns. 
  2. to cautiously reduce welfare or match any increase necessary by first raising the money to pay the bill. 
  3. and if the national roads and other infra-structure needs building or maintenance,  military hospitals upgraded,  and so forth - all should be paid for without increasing the national debt.
In this time of relative peace it would be a disaster if the national debt continues to increase. 

I believe Americans tend to be good people, industrious and a positive influence on the world overall. We have political problems of all kinds and the reasons have many fathers, and it's true that our political system has glaring faults, yet the foundation and basic structure is quite sound. It requires due diligence and constant repairs and modifications - but it does not need incompetent leaders that continue to spend money they don't have. 

A few determined citizens believe that America agrees should adopt communism, socialism, royalty, dictatorships, and etc. Few, Mr. Obama and his supporters are doing their best to push the government in this direction. They are convinced that America is evil and does nothing but harm all over the world, and blind to the compassionate aid, comfort, and assistance America has freely dispensed since it's founding. The  newly converted Liberal Progressive Democratic Party claims that America has  never been successful. They honestly have come to believe that America started on the wrong foot in 1776 - and has never improved. They see  America as the worlds' most arrogant bully. 

Okay, so we differ on ideology. Yet not long ago Betty and I enjoyed discussing political ideas. She from the left and I from the right. Betty eventually lost interest and our conversations ended. At that point she had started to dismiss ideas other than her own. That made me sad, but I never tried to re-open our correspondence. 

Perhaps a carefully  thought out compromise between Liberal Progressives and Conservatives  could  be arranged by a fundamental restructuring of  the Federal  Government,  but I  doubt that would be possible. The better bet would be to fix the sysdtem we've got.  


President Obama.

Within the blink of an eye our current leader became an arrogant, ego driven zealot determined to advance his private agenda no matter what. How this characteristic was overlooked before his first election will someday be the subject of countless history books. Even after his personality problems were discovered, he was elected again. He was actually selected in favor of several more suitable and experienced candidates. Doesn't that indicate there is something wrong with our election system. 

Mr. Obama was, at the end of his first term, clearly  a proven failure - but was elected anyway.  What happened? I have several good friends that voted in both elections for Mr. Obama. All of them now say it was the dumbest thing they ever did. They finally accept that he is a highly intelligent person, a talented and charismatic person  that has been educated by family, friends -  and radically Liberal-Progressive  teachers during his entire life. He came into office with a carefully crafted ideology - and promised extravagant changes. It was "snake oil". But it was believed by many Americans tired of the mythical big business types. 

And the nation will suffer the results for the decades ahead.


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