Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Conservative Bias

Conservatives were crushed by Obama's meteoric rise to office. There were two very clear consequences.

1.  The Obama election illustrated that the Republican party was totally disconnected from the vast majority of American citizens.

2. That an attractive and spellbinding candidate with no history of accomplishment and no experience as an executive of anything can destroy our traditional American government once thought to be a powerful bastion of liberty.

Liberal Progressives believe that conservatism's task is to resist the centralization and expansionist tendencies of our democratic government. They picture conservatives as the party of "no". Actually, that is indeed a major part of the conservative mission. Liberal Progressives like to picture this as indifference to inequality and misfortune. That is not true.

The difference between the Liberal Progressives and Conservatives is that when voting on government issues the conservatives ask the question:

What will be the COST, the  EXPENSE or the POTENTIAL HARM of my vote?

more to come

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