Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Our country is gradually slipping. The elements that guided the original crafters of our system are rapidly becoming extinct. I am worried about the nation-home our generation is leaving for our children. I know. I know. The same concern was shared by people that lived before Christ. Does that make it any the less true?

Two fine examples: Honesty. Who among us hasn't fibbed on his income tax or something similar? Integrity. Did you tell a "white lie" today? Were you late to work because of traffic, or did you not leave home on time? 

Perhaps my impression that "character" is less important today is wrong. If so, why are so many politicians caught in corruption? Why are so many people anxious to leave a job in the private sector that pays $120,000 per year, to get elected to a public office that pays $60,000 per year? How do Congressmen who earn $100,000 per year salary and $100,000 in various benefits per year, retire after serving one term in office - manage to be eligible to be paid full salary for the rest of their lives?

Even more despicable is the example of our current leader of the house. Nancy Pelosi, a Californian, is perhaps the most expensive politician the Nation has ever employed. She travels back and forth across America virtually every other day, as the only passenger on an airliner hired just for her? Filled with nothing but the best wines, liquors and other essentials? 

Something isn't right in our government and I must say that it is true of the entire government from cities to counties to our national establishment. It is equally true of Republicans and Democrats.

Can our bruised and battered and broke nation recover?

Not without a revolution.   

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