Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC Shoots Self In Foot - Again!

The convention in Tampa is a mess. Why, Mr. Chairman, did you insult the conservatives in your party? Seating the TEA Party and Ron Paul folks in the balcony rafters was a terrible mistake. There really is a large number of American citizens that question why our federal government is involved in issues and enforcement of so many things specifically prohibited by the Constitution. Their voice is not going to be silenced by ignoring them. 

  • Why does the Republican Party continue to direct Income Taxes to support so may stupid earmarks?
  • Why do we need to keep so many of our military forces dispersed all over the world? 
  • Why does our Federal Government refuse to enforce laws on the books - but does nothing to change them? 
  • Do we really need a Federal Reserve to regulate our finances? 
  • Why does the Federal Government force private medical insurance companies to sell the same policies to people with pre-existing special health problems? 
  • Why does our Federal Government permit illegal immigrants to qualify for welfare that is paid for by our Income Taxes? 
  • Why does the Republican Party support the extravagant expenses of elected politicians like Nancy Pellosi and Harry Reed?
Why does the Republican Party avoid these questions like the plague?

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