Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bad Decision

The Geezers

At our next meeting George Elsey asked that we each say a word about a poor decision. Something we personally thought was awful. Apparently we are free to choose from history, current events or whatever. Following these directions I made a list but way too many possibilities. Perhaps more criteria would be helpful?   

If our choice involved Money, we might suggest a decision that resulted in the largest loss.  However, since money is less important than human life a decision that eliminated the most lives seems appropriate. The Chinese leader MaoZeTung forced a CULTURAL REVOLUTION on  the entire population of China. He decided it was time for China to be industrialized. Peasants were forced to lay down their farm implements and industrialize the entire country. Farms were neglected. Citizens starved. People died. 

Mao had (mistakenly) insisted that the entire society of rural China be industrialized to go forward. That decision resulted in a disaster.  It is now estimated that 50 million (or more) Chinese peasants died as a direct result.

So far I've not found any other decision that had a more anti-human result. 

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