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Did God Go Somewhere?

The Democrat Party no longer represents America. It's been a tragedy to watch American traditions thrown into the trash for no reason other than the false promises of politicians who should know better. Mr. Obama has led the parade and he has played to the lowest common denominator of the Democrat Party, the unreasonable, illogical liberal left of their party.

The structure of our American political system was designed by fundamentally brilliant men. It was  intended to consist of an assembly of individual states operating independently and  held together by a federal government that managed those tasks beyond the scope and ability of the states. Those tasks were carefully enumerated and carefully limited. The idea was to restrict the power of the federal government, and at the same time guaranty the most individual freedoms possible. The aim:

The smallest amount of government interference - with the largest amount of individual freedoms.

The Democrat Party has left this exceptional format entirely. For the most recent 75 years it has  moved toward ultra left positions that promote a gigantic federal government, a reduction of states rights, and the severe restriction of individual liberties. Exactly what the founding fathers worked so hard to avoid.

The Republican Party has completely failed to off-set this movement toward ultra-liberalism. Americans are now faced with the fact that the principal two major political parties have become useless, our citizens have lost control, and greed and corruption have become the name of the game. In my view it is too late to save our exceptional America without a thorough overhaul of our government systems. I am reasonably certain that neither the Democratic or Republican Party is capable of this task.

This rant began when I discovered that, for the first time ever,  the Democrat Platform purposely omits any reference to GOD. 

Also for the first time in recent memory, the Democrat platform omits reassurance of America's special support of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and plays down our connection to insuring Israel's on-going existence.

Both of these issues are directly tied to President Obama's administration.

Both are disgusting reminders that the Democrats deserve power less than the Republicans.



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