Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Lunch For Everybody

This really bothers me.  I have a few friends that say they will be voting for Mr. Obama and I honestly can't figure out why. His record before he was elected is not impressive and mostly unknown. The record after his 2008 election has been a disaster by any measurement.

Our government was designed to permit it's citizens the most freedom possible within the bounds of common-sense. Mr. Obama wants to change all that. He wants to increase government control and reduce our traditional freedoms. He is a brilliant and charismatic speaker an excellent advocate for his point of view. He is wrong. For over 200 years the federal government  has collected taxes, defended the states, supervised the postal system, maintained the intrastate highway system, and provided diplomatic contact with other countries. These functions are not LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVE, they are common sense and are logical national responsibilities. 

Our founding fathers developed the concept of sending as much responsibility as possible FROM  the federal government to state governments and citizens. The idea has proven to be very successful. Case closed. It was a new concept of government and all Americans benefited.

Candidate Obama and his administration promise CHANGE.  Specifically they promise to RETURN as much authority as they can to the authority of the federal government. They have already forced passage of very controversial the legislation to that end - and it's been a DISASTER.  America is near bankruptcy, we are fighting several extremely expensive wars, we have reduced our defensive capability, and we have begun to withdraw from space exploration, 

MOST Americans  do NOT want this kind of fundamental change. 

So, what are we really seeing here? The Constitution  describes federal powers and directs specific limits to those powers.  During the last two hundred years  political and legal RE-INTERPRETATION of the Constitution has slowly been changing the original design. In many cases mistakes large and small have altered the  original intent. Most Americans think we would be well advised to guide ourselves back. 

But Mr. Obama and his administration have no use for the Constitution. They are  focussed on destroying it rather than amending it. They have already replaced most sources of opposition by appointing:  
  • ultra left liberals, socialists, communists, convicted criminals, radical American haters, and truly incompetent government employees to federal government positions of power. 
Mr. Obama and his administration have been borrowing money hand over fist for ultra left programs (and for purchasing votes). America is now essentially BANKRUPT and has lost influence in the world. Our several wars continue, and  our FREEDOMS are under constant attack by our own government.

Why would anyone want to continue this Obama influenced government?

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