Friday, September 21, 2012

Rich Man/Poor Man Political Finances

This election year gives us a prime example of stupid politics. We (you and I) have allowed elected political  thieves to get away with stealing our nation's money supply - and we don't even whimper!  We let them do it. They collect our taxes,  put them go into a large pot, and then spend it all and borrow more. This is crazy economics!

Why can't we identify a few honest souls in the government (assuming they are not all crooks) and insist that they make  the dishonest guys STOP:
  • 1. Setting their own pay and perks 
  • 2. Voting every which way but the way you prefer 
  • 3. Purchasing entitlement contracts to be paid by our children           and generations thereafter 
  • 4. Stealing millions every four years to spend on an useless  political election circus.  

How in the hell did THIS get started - and how can we end it?


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