Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney's Gonna Lose

Woke this morning with a headache. I realized during the night that the Republicans haven't a clue. They really don't know what most of America wants.  They may  understand that America doesn't want Obama and his miserable crew, but that's about it. 

The RNC made a huge goof when they all but ignored the TEA Party and the Ron Paul Libertarians. Not  one mention at the convention or in their plank. Stupid is as stupid does. 

Gov. Romney is a bright guy without solid, fundamental positions on anything. Sure he says that he will support policies that will put our workers back on the job but he doesn't want to talk about "HOW". That, in a nutshell, is the important, the absolutely necessary point in most of Romney's rhetoric. He sounds more like Obama and less like a conservative politician every day and the voters are not going to buy it. 

The Romney camp fits the RNC mold. THAT WILL LOSE THE ELECTION. Every day they drive more serious people into the Libertarian, Conservative, and Independent organizations DESPITE THE KNOWLEDGE  THAT SPLITTING THE REPUBLICAN VOTE WILL COST ROMNEY-RYAN THE ELECTION.

This presidential election may be the disaster of the century!

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