Friday, September 7, 2012

Space. Just Space.

Technology can be more than impressive. It can be amazing. Many years ago I worked with engineers  and other technical people at North American Aviation, Rockwell, Rocketdyne, TRW, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, Litton Industries, and most of the other "space exploration pioneers" located in Southern California. As a salesman for Riggs/LaMoree Corp. it was my job to introduce and sell state-of-the-art construction materials suitable for the extreme environments in space. My company represented: 
  • Dow Corning Silicones. (High Temperature Ablatives, Sealants, and Encapsulation products) 
  • DuPont. (Mylar Polyester films, Kapton High Temperature Resistant Films, and Nomex Polyamide products.) 
  • Bentley Harris Corp. (Woven Fiberglas Products coated with materials resistant to severe environments) 
  • Chase Foster Div. of Keene Inc. (Flexible laminates of high temperature and chemical resistant products)
C. D. LaMoree Company was started in 1926 and originally sold electrical insulation products (asbestos, cotton sleeving, dielectric varnish, mica products, fiberglas cordage, and etc). I joined the company in 1960. In the mid-1970's the company was sold and became Riggs/LaMoree Corp. A couple of years went by and I was promoted to V.P. and General Manager. It was during this time, from 1972  to  1982 that there was a gradual change in the materials sold. The original electrical insulation products were phased out and replaced by the more sophisticated high technology products that were used in the early days of space exploration.

Today, when I view the various satellites, space shuttles, and machinery that is advancing our knowledge of space . . . I think of it as another frontier. Perhaps the last frontier? Space exploration is just beginning. The technology to explore space is fantastic. A person has to be impressed with the many challenges that have already been made and curious about those to come. Yes, it is very expensive. It is also very important.

And amazing !

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