Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Democrat Convention 2012

The Democrats are more wrong than the Republicans. What a surprise. Over several years they have continued to move to the political left and are now more properly identified as ultra-ultra liberal. I don't think there is any question that they have been encouraged by the most liberal President to come along since F.D.R.  This fellow, Barack Obama, isn't just another left-wing party politician like Bill Clinton or Harry Truman or  even, God forbid, Jimmy Carter.  Obama He is  a brilliant, radical, charismatic, orator with an agenda that leads to socialism/communism and big government.  He and the Democrats  are a disaster for America. 

Democrats  cater to the lowest sector of our citizens. They snuggle up to the poor, the disenfranchised, labor unions, and all of the other people looking for a free lunch.  These Democrats are the main abusers of federal money. They are the entitlement politicians  who set their own exorbitant salaries and control the electorate by dispensing government jobs - paid for with your tax dollars. They want to replace Americas' tradition of individual achievement, the free market, and our  traditional monetary system. And they do so by reducing liberty.

To accomplish this revolution they have to first make fundamental changes in our traditional way of life. That's exactly what Mr. Obama (and his administration) has done during his first term in office. To get support for this program they have to create the impression that the American system is "unfair", and our government favors the "rich", and ambition must be replaced by "total government control".

By definition this is an ultra-ultra left wing socialistiic package that replaces individual initiative with  government control of individual freedoms. It is anything but a viable way forward. It is truly the "road to serfdom".

The all-powerful government designs like President Obama and his administration are promoting . . . have failed where ever they have been adopted.  They are actually attempting to replace our exceptionally successful "democratic republic". . . . with a political system that does not work. 


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