Friday, October 26, 2012

Beautiful Israel

Now and then something really beautiful lights up the  internet.   This video was both unexpected  and wonderful.   Certainly my over-reaction  is influenced by  the misery of recent events in the middle east    and snippets of the black history of  the area.  When I think about the area my mind sees:                     .          
  •  The continuing middle east violence. 
  •  The evil agenda of the al Quaeda terrorists.  
  •  The evil and unreasonable Palestinians. 
  •  The Ultra-Orthodox Jews that I simply don't always understand. 
  •  My knowledge of the Degania Bet kibbutz from long ago. 
  •  And my military assignment in the Libyan desert for months at a time. 
With these things combined with the reports of dysfunction from the area -  there is a tendency to forget the beauty that is also there. 

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