Saturday, October 20, 2012

An Honest Politician? Where?

The two significant candidates had their third and (thankfully) last debate. It was, as expected, more of the same truth bending and innuendo. The viewers learned nothing of consequence as usual.  The "debate" concept centers on how a candidate looks, not his platform or agenda. Voters are up to their eyeballs with this extravagant non-sense. Our presidential election process is ridiculous, expensive, dishonest, and without principles. It ALWAYS has been. We react to the lack of civility between candidates and their respective political parties -  while at the same time we recognize that civility has suffered since the first election. So why do we expect civility in elections today?

Nobody won the debates. The entire run up to the coming presidential election has been a vast scam to defraud the citizen voter. No, I'm not kidding or exaggerating. The two most parties, Democrat and the Republican, have  stupidly lied without shame, unfairly insulted their opposition, and stretched  credibility beyond belief. America's political parties are seen by the entire world as dishonest, unreliable, and corrupt. Have we become a banana republic?

I hold the Constitution in very high esteem.  The founding fathers, despite all of their faults, put together this document intended to limit the powers of the federal government. By doing so they created an ageless foundation stone of the most successful government in the world.

The current administration, through it's promises, it's stated goals, and it's recent history of governance, has made clear that it disagrees with American traditions. Instead it has taken the road of bigger government, more public debt, and less freedom for it's citizens.

The opposition, in this case the Mr. Romney and the Republicans, has failed to establish a more conservative and traditional agenda. Apparently they are counting on the recent miserable performance of the Obama administration to provide the momentum for a Republican victory at the polls. It takes no genius to figure out that this just isn't going to work. Mr. Romney is a good man and well qualified to be the chief executive of our nation. It is the Republican Party that has failed. By ignoring their own right wing or more conservative folks they shot themselves in the foot. The Tea Party movement, the conservatives, and the libertarians have become the MOST important segment of the Republican Party.

The vast majority of our citizens do not favor the direction Mr. Obama promises to take us. Personally he is a bright and charismatic speaker, but he is wrong and a danger to America's future. Mr. Romney has presented himself as an intelligent and capable executive with the talent to return the nation to it's traditional values. He, and the Republican National Committee, with unbelievably out-of-touch arrogance, lost the election when they refused to listen to their right wing members.

I suppose there is still a slim chance for the Republicans, but only slim.  The Romney/Republican agenda is still mug-rump style.  Mug one side for the fence and rump on the other. These Republican establishment politicians are as arrogant as the Democrat/Socialists, but will at least put the brakes on the extravagant Obama excesses. I doubt that they would be able to do anything more.


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