Friday, November 16, 2012

Because The Pope Said So

All religions raise questions and attempt to answer them.  They ask us to leave logic behind and accept their answers. For example; our logic tells us if something ends, it must have started.  Most religions avoid the issue by telling us that "GOD" is the beginning and the end of everything. How do they happen to know that ?  Could it be that a long time ago a guy was sitting on a hillside watching the grass grow and wondering how and why he was there? Not finding a quick answer, he invented GOD.  If he couldn't figure something out he could then just say"GOD did it.

Then he wrote down his questions and answers - and called them the Holy Bible. Everything written there he called his theology.  All of the nonsense about idols, statues, planets, stars, animals and whatever else people worshiped would be retired and replaced by the one GOD.  The overall belief system he would call religion.

And it came to pass. When things went well they were credited to a smiling, happy GOD. When things didn't go well they were credited to a vengeful, angry GOD.  With this the new religion  began to get complicated. Someone would have study and interpret the theology for everyone else. A clergyman was hired for this purpose. 

THAT is when the trouble began.

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